HD Radio Review



HD Radio Review is a leading independent source for all information about high definition radio.

You can find a review or rating for all types of HD Radio systems, including receivers, portable radios, and car radios. Or locate a retailer that carries HD Radio and shop for a system.

HD Radio is without question the most significant advancement in terrestrial radio broadcasting since the introduction of the FM stereo radio almost 60 years ago. HD Radio technology allows both AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally, which is an enormous technological leap from the analog broadcasts of the recent past.


A review of HD Radio will show that the digital signal is vastly improved from regular radio. HD allows for crystal clear reception with no audio distortion

    • FM stations will now have CD-quality sound
    • AM stations now have FM-quality sound


Discover new programming on HD Radio, and there is No Subscription Fee

    • New artists and new radio personalities
    • Experience and review new types of programs that you have never listened to before
    • Also, new experimental radio formats are available that few have ever heard


HD Radio Review will provide reviews of some of the recently released HD Radios, including the Dual XHD7714, Dual Electronics XNAV43HD PND, the Jensen JiMS-525i, or you can review the new LG Electronics PC-12 HD tabletop radio.






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